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Meet Me at the Twilight Star


New Original Songs for Funeral or Memorial Services
and Music for Healing Grief
on "Meet Me at the Twilight Star"

by Paula Marie Jones

Introducing 12 Beautifully Orchestrated Songs


Meet Me at the Twilight Star
Sailor's Farewell
It Will Be your Smile
I Will Paint You the Sky
Reflections of My Father
My Mother's Hands
Brother of Mine
Your Voice Calling
My River of Forever
You're the New Angel
Angel in Waiting
Just Beyond Where Only White Doves Fly


CD includes 28 page lyric booklet!


17 Alternate Versions of 3 Original Songs
are available to include other family members

"Sailor's Farewell"

Mother's Farewell
Father's Farewell
Grandma's Farewell
Grandpa's Farewell
Brother's Farewell
Sister's Farewell

"Reflections of My Father"

Reflections of My Mother
Reflections of My Grandma
Reflections of My Grandpa
Reflections of My Brother.
Reflections of My Sister

"My Mother's Hands"

My Father's Hands
My Grandma's Hands
My Grandpa's Hands
My Brother's Hands
My Sister's Hands

Alternate Song Versions are not included on the CD and are available as mp3 downloads only

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12 Original Songs on CD or MP3 downloads
17 Alternate Versions as MP3 downloads

Longer audio clips are available on the "Song Lyrics" page at Good Funeral Songs ( goodfuneralsongs.com )!

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CD of 12 Original Songs

MP3s of 17 Alternate Versions


MP3s of 12 Original Songs


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MP3s of 12 Original Songs

Meet Me At the Twilight Star - Paula Marie Jones

MP3s of 17 Alternate Versions

Meet Me At the Twilight Star (Alternate Versions) - Paula Marie Jones

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CD of 12 Original Songs

"Meet Me at the Twilight Star" is a collection of 12 beautifully orchestrated songs intentionally designed to bring new original music to funerals, memorials, life celebrations, scattering ashes burial at sea, white dove releases and any type of remembrance ceremony.

"Meet Me at the Twilight Star" was recorded for your use to create a personal and meaningful goodbye ceremony. Each song has been carefully written so you may weave your own experiences and beliefs into the story.

This music is an excellent resource for professionals and practitioners in the fields of Hospice, Palliative Care, Bereavement, Grief Counseling and Emotional Healing.

It serves everyone who is faced with the loss of a loved one. This music is a perfect gift to give those who need care and comfort after a loss
All songs were composed and performed by Paula Marie Jones. This CD is a perfect combination of powerful songwriting and gorgeous vocals with an easy listening style. These songs were lovingly created to honor your loved one in music and to soothe and comfort you on your healing journey.
Hawk and Owl Personal Empowerment (H.O.P.E.)

H.O.P.E. Company uses the Creative Arts to empower our lives through music, books, journals and more.

Personal Empowerment is about moving fully into the truth of who we are individually.

Personal Empowerment is achieved through emotional expression, learning, healing, and growing.

Empowerment is also about the synergy that is created when many come together with a desire to bring more light and love into our communities and outward.
Hawk and Owl Personal Empowerment Company is the sister team of Paula Marie Jones and Karen Jones. Paula is the Hawk and Karen is the Owl.

We have chosen our personal power animals to name our company. We are combining our individual talents and skills together for a common goal.

The purpose of the Hawk and Owl Personal Empowerment Company is to create products and services that empower ourselves and others in the world through Creative Arts.

We have started our Hawk and Owl journey by coming back together as sisters who have lived apart for 30 years.

Our first creation together is the music CD, “Meet Me at the Twilight Star”.

Paula Marie Jones



Ventura, CA

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